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Aug 18, 2011

HP HSTNN-OB60 Laptop battery

High Quality + Low Price + 100% Guarantee + Fast Shipping Batteries HP HSTNN-OB60

Discount HP HSTNN-OB60 LAPTOP BATTERY [Li-ion 4400mah 14.4V] Replacement for HP EliteBook 8530p 8530w 8730w . HP HSTNN-OB60 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery. HP HSTNN-OB60 laptop batteries with high quality and 100% compatible with the original equipment.Purchase HP HSTNN-OB60 high quality and low price!
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HSTNN-OB60 Laptop Battery For HP EliteBook 8530p 8530w 8730w

doc Specifications
  • Battery Type :
  • Li-ion
  • Battery Capacity :
  • 4400mah
  • Battery Color :
  • Black
  • Voltage :
  • 14.4V
  • Dimension:

doc Compatible battery Part No List By Main HP Battery's Part Number
EliteBook 8530p
EliteBook 8530w
EliteBook 8540p
EliteBook 8540w
EliteBook 8730p
EliteBook 8730w
EliteBook 8740w
ProBook 6545b
doc Battery Tips
   HP HSTNN-OB60 battery Replacement is Li-ion 4400mah 14.4V Volts. The HP HSTNN-LB60 HSTNN-OB60 Batteryfrom delivers power when you need it and where you need it. It has been specially designed to meet the power needs of your HP EliteBook 8530p 8530w 8730w and will help you power up your notebook in the office, business trips or vacations.Buy cheap and high quality rechargeable HP HSTNN-OB60 battery for your HP EliteBook 8530p 8530w 8730w notebook computer at We guarantee the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery for 1 year and 30-day money-back.
How To take care your HP HSTNN-OB60 Laptop battery?
1.Never throw the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack into fire, as that could cause the battery pack to explode.Never heat the battery pack,as that could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
2.Never disassemble the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack, as that could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
3.Never short-circuit the main battery pack by either accidentally or intentionally bringing the terminals in contact with another metal object. This could cause personal injury, a fire, or damage the battery pack.
4.Never hammer a nail into the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack. Never hit a hammer on the battery pack. Never step or tread on the battery pack.
5.Always confirm that the temperature is 5 c-35 c before you charge the HP HSTNN-LB60 HSTNN-OB60 battery. Leakage or deterioration of the battery pack may occur if this warning is not heeded.
6.Never expose the HP HSTNN-LB60 HSTNN-OB60 pack to any liquid.
7.Never expose the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack to direct sunlight. Never store or use the battery pack in an unventilated vehicle where excessive internal temperatures may be encountered.
8.Always keep the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack out of reach of infants or small children.
9.Never drop or throw the HP HSTNN-LB60 HSTNN-OB60 Battery Original 4400mah pack.
10.If the liquid contained within the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery pack leaks, use large amounts of water an immediately wash off any liquid which may accidentally contact any part of the body. Remove any liquid that has contacted your clothes by washing them immediately with a synthetic detergent.
1.If you ever detect the emission of an extraordinary odor or leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance, stop usage and dispose of properly.
2.Never dispose of used battery packs with other ordinary solid wastes, since they contain toxic substances. Always dispose of used battery packs in accordance with the prevailing community regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries. Cover the metal terminals with insulating tape in order to prevent accidental short-circuiting when disposing of the HP HSTNN-OB60 battery.
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